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With the complexity of customer requirements, the diversification of market application requirements, the overall supporting automation, and the simplification of personnel, TIJ inkjet printers have gradually entered everyone’s field of vision. High efficiency and fast speed have become its core two important keywords. Today, Shanghai Tinho Intelligent will share with you the industry technical support in this area, what is the TIJ printer, and analyze its market applications and development trends.

What is TIJ inkjet printer? What is its working principle in simple terms?

TIJ inkjet printer is what we often call thermal foam inkjet printer.

The hermal foaming inkjet printer is simple to operate, easy to install, and powerful in printing. It can print real-time data, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, databases, etc., and has powerful editing functions. It can edit up to 8 lines and exceed 99% of small characters. Code machine.

The structure is simple, generally composed of three parts: the host, the power supply, and the print head. It does not require filters, cleaning and maintenance. It can achieve multi-head printing, and supports up to 24 print heads to work at the same time. You can replace other colors of ink at any time, such as black, yellow, and yellow. Red, blue, white and other colors.

Introduction to the working principle of thermal foaming: Using thin film resistors, the ink is instantly heated in the ink ejection area (instantly heated to a temperature above 300°C) to form countless tiny bubbles. The bubbles gather at a very fast speed into large bubbles and expand, forcing the ink Drops are ejected from the nozzle to form the required text, numbers, and barcodes.

When the bubble continues to expand, it disappears back to the resistor; when the bubble disappears, the ink in the nozzle shrinks back. Then the surface tension will generate suction, and then draw new ink to replenish the ink ejection area to prepare for the next cycle of printing.

Simple analysis of the advantages of  Tinho Thermal inkjet printer

1. Seal the ink cartridge. There is no leakage and waste, and more attention is paid to cost control, so that customers can save more and more in the purchase cost of consumables during use.

2. No solvent is required. Compared with traditional small or large character inkjet printers, the cost in use is lower, which is more conducive to mass product printing.

3. The equipment does not need maintenance, and the maintenance and use cost is low. Around the process of use, TIJ inkjet printers do not require common maintenance and maintenance, just replace the new ink cartridges when the ink cartridges are used up, which greatly reduces the difficulty of operation and use by customers, and reduces the technical requirements for production line workers. Simple and practical.

Analysis of the disadvantages and disadvantages of TIJ inkjet printer

1. High requirements for printing distance. Generally, the distance between the nozzle and the product must be controlled within 5mm to achieve the best printing effect.

2. The ink used is selective to the material. This is also a problem that many manufacturers are concerned about and headaches, such as clarity, adhesion, permeability, etc. Generally, TIJ inkjet printers are used in paper, plastic, metal, cloth and other surface-permeable materials.

Third, the cost of consumables is high. A box of 42 ml ink cartridges has a relatively small capacity, and the relative price is more expensive than small-character inkjet printer inks.

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