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      In today’s society, many people will adopt some pets, especially some cute kittens, puppies, and of course, some fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, chinchillas and other animals, but generally There are more cats and dogs. There are two main reasons why people adopt pets: one is to eliminate loneliness, the other is to entertain, and of course there are other factors. Even if our original purpose is just to let them accompany ourselves, but in the end we will have a certain feeling for them, just like the most loved ones, just the most common puppy, he can not only be in everyday life. Staying with us in life can improve the efficiency of the police.

       Pets can’t talk, but as long as they accompany him, they can gradually read what we want to express, not only help the police to solve the case, help the owner find things, but also help the blind to pass obstacles. However, there will still be some unexpected things happening. For example, if we accidentally lost the way we can’t find our way home, we will be very sorrowful and tormented when we love the pet. In order to be able to quickly retrieve the pet, people usually buy a special pet card for their pet after adoption and wear it around their neck.

       On the pet card, we will write the dog’s related information and contact information on it, in order to be able to meet the good people to return the pet, improve the probability of the pet being retrieved, and avoid the love of the pet as a stray pet. We all know that most of the pet cards on the market are made of metal. At the same time, people hope that the information carved on the pet cards will not fade, and they can withstand the wind and rain. After all, pets are more naughty and playful. Therefore, the fiber laser marking machine can be selected on the marking, which can ensure that each information is clear and permanent and does not fade, unlike the ink printing, it is particularly easy to fade, and the information is not permanent.

       Marking on metal pet cards with a fiber laser marking machine is a good choice. It is a contactless processing mark that does not affect the marking of the pet card, while ensuring that the information is beautifully and permanently It is especially suitable for use on pet cards, which can reduce the probability of pet loss, and also gives the pet a different sense of belonging, and distinguish it from other people’s pet dogs or stray pets. For some wooden pet cards, fiber laser printers can also be used. Co2 lasers can also be used.

       In short, in order to make your own pets look different, when using laser marking machine for information marking, we should first consider the main information such as pet name, portrait, contact information, address, etc. on the pet card, avoid The card is marked with too many invalid information, in order to increase the probability that the pet will be retrieved.

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