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A Reputable Laser Marking Machine Company

Searching for Laser Marking Machine Supplier, Manufacturer and Distributor in China? We are one of the most professional laser marking machine supplier, manufacturer and distributor in China. Our products are competitive in high precision and good performance for industrial laser engraving, marking, cleaning, cutting, welding, etc. Feel free to get quality laser marking machine with good price here from our factory. Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd is one of the most trustworthy high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. We are renowned for our commitment to the development, production, and export of Online Laser Marking Machine. From us, you can get a wide array of laser marking machines. Moreover, you can get it from us at competitive price rates. Rest assured, we offer high-quality machines at the most affordable price in the market.?

Keeping in mind the various industry needs,?we have a wide range of machinery that can help you attain success. With numerous years of experience in our belt, we have cultivated a steady reputation that reflects on our professional-grade products. As a laser marking machine, we boast of exporting our premium-quality products to more than sixty countries.?


Opt for the most trustworthy laser marking machine company

Years of experience and excellent product quality have made us a leading figure in the Online Laser Marking Machine market. We have a team of exceptionally talented and skilled laser specialists, electronic engineers, software experts, and mechanical engineers. With a reliable research and development team, we strive to offer premium-quality products to our clients.

Our specialization in the laser marking machine category is unparalleled. We use only the best materials for the development of these machines in our highly advanced production areas. Our experts focus on ensuring that the machines exhibit high-quality performance and longevity. You don't have to worry about these devices malfunctioning without any reason. With our top-notch laser marking machines, you can use them to work on different materials with ease. Whether it is leather or fabric, you can expect flawless performance.

When it comes to our high-end products, our innovation and adoption of the latest technology distinguish us from others in the field. Being the best laser marking machine company, we offer technical support before and after the sale of the products.

When a customer's marking requirements meet our customized approach

We understand there are various laser marking applications. It can vary depending on the industry your project is involved in, such as automotive, aeronautical, jewelry, medical, and more. With different needs come various customized solutions from our end.

With us, you can easily attain personalized solutions that can make your project a complete success. Irrespective of your degree of customization, you can always expect the best laser marking machine company to make it perfect for you. Our experts study your requirements and deliver exceptional services.

Different services that we offer

As a reputable Online Laser Marking Machine provider, we offer a wide range of services. Take a look at some of them listed here.

        • Availability of different laser marking machines - We offer different types of laser marking machines. You can choose the one that will benefit your project the most. Regardless of the model, these machines are extremely durable and have the ability to perform without any hassle.
        • Installation assistance - We provide extensive installation services after you purchase our products. Our experts offer reliable after-sale technical support to all our customers. Moreover, we also provide a live demo for the correct usage of the product.
        • Adequate tests - When you trust us with your project, we try our best to maintain it. For this, we conduct numerous tests and compile feasibility reports. After the creation of the high-quality sample, we proceed with the development of the Online Laser Marking Machine that you need.
        • Maintenance and follow-ups - For long-term efficient running of the machines, we offer customized maintenance from our reliable support agents. With periodical preventive inspection, it is possible to extend the shelf life of the appliance.
        • Professional training - We understand that the right training is necessary for using the machines to their full potential. For that, we offer both off-site and on-site training. Our highly skilled trainers offer immense information on how to use, diagnose and maintain the machines.

Why choose us for the purchase of laser marking machines?

You can opt for the best laser marking machine company for your business requirements. If you are wondering why choosing us is a great decision, take a look at the pointers below.

        • Different types of machines: With us, you can get personalized laser marking machines. That means you don’t have to compromise on your needs. Moreover, we offer both the station and integrable versions.
        • Expert team: We have a reliable team of professionals who are experts domain in their fields. They work tirelessly to offer the best product for our clients.
        • Advanced technologies: In order to meet the laser marking needs of our clients, we use different advanced technologies. Our specialization lies in Co2, Green, DPSS, and Fibre lasers.
        • Cost-effective rates: All our products are affordable with no surplus changes. With our competitive market rates, we offer the best quality products. Moreover, that doesn’t interfere with the quality of our products. Follow us at Facebook

Our Products

The mainly products are laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, hand-held laser marking machine and other series of coding &? marking equipment.
THU05F UV Fly Laser
THC30F CO2 Fly Laser
THF30F Fiber Fly Laser
THF30 Fiber Portable Laser
THC30Plus CO2 Stationary Laser
THF30Plus Fiber Stationary Laser

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Tinho Intelligent professional for Fly Laser Printing Soluiton, Laser Coding System & Automatic Inkjet Coding System, depend on the well-experience, R & D ability, Tinho available to supply all superior intelligent laser marking & Inkjet coding solution to each customer, welcome to inuiry us at any time !


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