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The metal sheet portable fiber continuous laser welding machine includes a laser welding machine body. One side of the laser welding machine body is provided with a welding torch head. Both ends of the outer side of the welding torch head are fixedly connected with a fixed ring, and the bottom of the fixed ring is provided A sliding plate, the bottom of the sliding plate is provided with a sliding groove, the inside of the sliding groove is slidably connected with a handle, the inside of the sliding groove is provided with a screw rod, the screw rod penetrates the handle and is threadedly connected with the handle, the screw rod One end penetrates the sliding plate and extends to one side of the sliding plate, the top of the sliding groove is provided with a cable arranging groove, the inside of the arranging groove is slidably connected with an arranging plate, and the number of the arranging plate is set to be multiple. The utility model drives the screw rod to rotate through the turntable, and the screw rod drives the grip to slide. The position of the grip on the bottom of the welding gun head can be adjusted to facilitate welding, thereby improving the operability of the welding gun head and making it suitable for more complex welding environments .

The metal sheet portable fiber continuous laser welding machine equipment uses a continuous fiber laser generator, which can extend the fiber cable to a distance of 10-15 meters for transmission without losing power. The beam is shaped through a collimator and then focused on the workpiece The welding process on the upper surface has the advantages of high flexibility, high stability, and maintenance-free.

Main features of Tinho Intelligent fiber continuous laser welding machine:

1. Mainly aimed at the welding of thin metal plates within 2mm, which makes up for the large heat melting of the traditional hydrogen arc welding technology, which is easy to deform and the trouble of post-processing.

2. A variety of processing heads are available. Different hand-held processing heads can be selected for various needs such as external welding, internal welding, right-angle welding, narrow-edge welding, large spot welding, etc. Red light positioning. The heat input can be reduced to the low demand of Zui, the gold change range of the heat-affected zone is small, and the deformation caused by heat transfer is also low

3. The hand-held processing head is light, the worker is efficient, and the welding is not easy to fatigue for a long time.

4. Laser welding operation is simple and convenient, both raw and skilled hands can operate on the machine

Technical parameters of Tinho metal sheet laser welding machine manufacturers:

Equipment power: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W

Fiber length: 5-10m can be customized

Working mode: continuous or modulated

Working environment temperature: 15-35°C

Laser wavelength: 1064NM

Working environment humidity: <70% without condensation

Power requirements: 380V±10% 3P+PE

Applicable material: sheet metal

Cooling system: dual temperature control chiller

Welding speed: 0-20mm/S

1000W welding range: ≤2mm

1500W welding range: ≤3mm

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