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TH-Q8500 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • Use German imported IPG fiber lasers. Fiber Laser (Fiber Laser) refers to a laser that uses rare-earth-doped glass fiber as the gain medium. Under the action of the pump light, high power density is easily formed in the fiber, causing the laser energy level of the laser working substance to “number inversion”. When a positive feedback loop (forming a resonant cavity) is properly added, the laser oscillation output can be formed.


    Excellent beam quality (BPP), constant BP in the full power range, using a long focal length can still obtain a small spot

    • Special wavelength (1070nm), with the unique ability to cut high-reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, etc.
    • The laser electro-optical conversion rate is about 25%, which is much higher than CO2 (<10%), which greatly reduces the power loss
    • Laser is transmitted through optical fiber, basically no transmission loss
    • Modular design, “plug and play”, compact size, easy installation, no need for laser and beam transmission system maintenance
    • The service life of the pump source> 100,000 hours





Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Laser working medium


Laser wavelength

1070 nm

Rated output power

3000w/5000W/10000W optional

Beam quality


Effective cutting range


Axial positioning accuracy of worktable


Repeated positioning accuracy of worktable


Cutting speed


Maximum load of worktable


Power supply rated parameters

380V 50Hz

Equipment power


protection level



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