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High-end Portable Handheld Laser Marker & Portable Laser Engraver Machine

When it comes to portability, our innovative portable handheld laser marker and portable laser engraver machine are built with flexibility in mind. These portable and handheld machines are ideal solutions for quick and easy installation as and where needed. They are portable, flexible, affordable, and works great for various industrial applications.  A portable handheld laser marker and portable laser engraver machine are designed to create permanent, deep, readable, and high-resolution markings and engravings on a variety of substrates or materials including stainless steel, copper and other metal surfaces. Whether you need to engrave miniature inscription or mark small serial numbers on your product, our portable and handheld laser marker and engraver machines are equipped with hard alloy Tungsten marking pins that create permanent and high-quality marks.  

Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. is a China-based company that specializes in manufacturing and exporting high-end portable handheld laser marker, portable laser engraver machine, and other laser coding, marking, etching and engraving machines. These innovative machines not only produce ultra-fine, sharper, and permanent marks on products to prevent counterfeiting but also ensure product identification and traceability for regulatory or supply chain tracking purposes.   

Over the years, Tinho has emerged as a leading and globally-recognized laser marking solution provider with its cutting-edge portable handheld laser marker, portable laser engraver machine, and other laser intelligent equipment. Our high-speed laser machines are available in a range of power outputs for diverse materials and applications. They are well-equipped with high-speed scan heads that ensure fast marking and high-precision laser beam. With its capability to work for longer periods, up to 100,000 hours, these machines are stable and most preferred for industrial use. As a one-stop destination for laser marking solutions, we also offer a variety of laser accessories and spare parts to improve the versatility and functionality of your handheld and portable laser marker and engraver machine. 

Make the Best Marks with Our Portable Handheld Laser Marker & Portable Laser Engraver Machines


If precision matters to you, then do not waste your valuable time working with massive and low-quality marking and engraving machines. Using them will only get you sloppy and illegible marks on your products and make you vulnerable to counterfeits. With their high-precision, stability, easy-to-use functionality, our portable handheld laser marker, and portable laser engraver machine will surely impress you with their capabilities.  

Benefits of using portable and handheld laser marking and engraving machines:

1· Lightweight and Manageable  

Built to provide quality and comfort to its users, the portable handheld laser marker and engraver machine are lightweight, easy-to-operate and maneuverable. Moreover, these portable machines come in compact sizes which enable them to mark even the hard-to-reach places. This makes them efficient, effective and perfect for industrial use such as in medical, aerospace, or metal processing industries.

2· Superior Automation and Precision  

Using a portable handheld laser marker and engraver machine helps you produce the deepest and most accurate marks on your products which enables product identification and traceability. With its automated features and applications, the production system can conveniently transmit the marking content which will be automatically received for marking. These machines can efficiently create accurate marks on the laser heat-affected area of about 10 microns.

3· Versatile Tool  

A portable handheld laser marker and portable laser engraver machine are ideal solutions for various applications. They are not only perfect for creating accurate serial numbers, part codes and more but also produce high-resolution large-scale graphics on products. With their ability to add ultra-fine detailing to jewelry pieces, or vehicles, these handy and versatile machines have become a master tool for smaller, personal, as well as industrial use. 

Why Purchase TINHO Portable Handheld Laser Marker & Portable Laser Engraver Machines?

Over the years of research and development in the laser and automation area, Tinho has become one of the best and most trusted providers for automated laser marking solutions. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, if you need to create permanent, high-precision and professional-quality marks on your product, our portable handheld laser marker, and portable laser engraver machine are the best solutions to produce perfect and fast markings.  

To help you make the most out of your portable handheld laser markers and engravers, we provide excellent and reliable pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale assistance, complimentary product documents, and round the clock customer service to help you overcome all your operational challenges conveniently and within the shortest time-frame.  

What Do We Offer?

1· Dedicated after-sale customer service to ensure instant and real-time solutions to issues via telephonic conversation or remote system technology.

2· Well-explained and demonstrated functional and basic maintenance training for your Production and Technical departments conducted at the time of product installation.

3· Detailed maintenance contracts and warranties to maximize the functionality and performance of your portable handheld laser markers and portable laser engraver machine. 

4· Excellent preventive maintenance and technical training sessions conducted by our top-notch training team either at your workplace or at our in-house training center.

5. Free detailed and downloadable documents to help you learn the basic operational instructions of TINHO handheld and portable laser engraver machine and markers.

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