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Although the current laser welding technology is becoming more and more mature, the functions of hand-held laser welding machines are becoming more and more powerful, and there are more and more model features, but no matter how exquisite and good it is, we cannot avoid the use of laser welding machines. There are some faults in daily work, because no one is perfect, nothing is perfect, there is nothing perfect in this world. In this case, we must talk about how to solve the common faults of the Tinho Intelligent laser welding machine. Only in this way can we make better use, create more products for us, and bring more benefits. The following are some of the common faults of laser welding machines that I want to talk to you and how to solve them:

1. After using the handheld laser welding machine for a period of time, the laser output power of the laser decreases:

①Whether the laser resonant cavity has changed: fine-tune the front and rear resonator lenses to make the output spot the best;

②Whether the total reflection and output diaphragm are fouled;

③Condensation is formed on the surface of the laser bar of the handheld laser welding machine due to the temperature difference;

2. The laser output power of the handheld laser welding machine is normal, but the laser beam cannot play a marking role:

①Whether the adjustment of the optical path system is accurate;

②Whether the acousto-optic switch can function as a switch;

3. The reason why the handheld laser welding machine cannot reach the expected marking depth:

①Whether the laser output power meets the requirements;

②Whether the turn-off power of the acousto-optic switch meets the requirements;

③Whether the optical path adjustment is accurate;

④Whether the surface of the workpiece is on the focal plane;

4. The solubility of laser welding machine welding is not enough

It can be solved by increasing the pulse width to increase the current, or adjusting the defocus amount to be closer to the point.

5. Cracks appear during laser welding

It can be solved by reducing the air flow of the protector, or reducing the temperature of the cooling water and increasing the water temperature. If the workbench is not cleaned, you can clean the workbench again.

6. If the welding seam is very deep when the laser welding machine is welding

It is necessary to use nitrogen or other inert gases in time, or adjust the airflow direction of the protector, which is opposite to the movement direction of the workpiece.

7. If the laser beam weakens when the laser welding machine is welding

It can be solved by replacing the cooling water. If the laser of the main optical path is shifted, you need to adjust the main optical path full return or half-reflection diaphragm.

8. If an open flame does not bounce off completely

It is necessary to check whether there is any remaining lubricating oil on the connection of the shutter.

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