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TH127 Thermal Inkjet Printing System

TINHO developed latest laser technology in the world, and designed THU series UV fly laser printer is one latest application on plastic based on well marketing experience, designed the printer with well compact & integration to suit for fast & long time printing on plastic pipe, cable & plastic, meet 24hours continuous working. Smart & simple operation to meet different line speed and materials.

  1. Presupposition information, bar code or two-dimensional code, decoding (extracting) information by scanning gun and printing
  2. Multiple barcodes or two-dimensional codes, which are decoded (extracted) by sweeping codes and combined with each other, are commonly called “four-code-in-one” or “multi-code-in-one”.
  3. Sweep-and-spray, i.e. decode-and-print, or convert to other content-print.
  4. Extensible electronic scales, i.e. spraying

7 inch capacitive touch screen operating system, 8-core CPU processor based on A7 architecture, double-head band splicing fine-tuning, synchronizer + inductor synchronous real-time detection

 Sprinkler height: 12.7mm (single print head)

 Extensible Number: 4 Heads

 Language Version: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English (other languages need to be customized)

 Software configuration:

 Operating system based on Android underlying research and development, real-time control of print head, support open and customized communication protocol

 Spray printing function has:

 Text: Chinese, English, Number (Other Language Input Method Requires Customization)

 Graphics: JPG/PNG/BMP (150 pixels/head)

 Date: Production date, valid date (template or custom format)

 Sequence Number: Incremental, Decreasing, Step Number, Leading 0

 Bar Code: Multi-Code System (Fixed Form)

 Two-Dimensional Code: Multi-Code System (Fixed Form)

 Table: The number of rows and columns can be adjusted or modified at will.

 Input Method: Pinyin Input Method, Stroke Input Method and Five-stroke Input Method

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