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 Various countries have strict requirements for the pipe industry logo, and the coding on plastic pipes has been successfully applied for long time. The development of marking technology has enabled the coding equipment to have a great development in the pipe industry. The marking equipment used in the traditional pipe industry generally uses an ink jet printer. Nowadays, in the face of fierce market competition and the coding needs of the pipe companies themselves, the inkjet printers have not been able to improve the coding of the pipe industry. The application of laser printers has made the pipe industry logo enter a new stage of development. So when do you use the inkjet printer? When do you use the laser printer? Today we will simply share the application of the printer in the pipe


Pipes in the pipe industry are generally divided into two types, one is straight pipe, the other is PVC electrician threading pipe (generally two or four at a time), PVC-U drain pipe, PPR hot and cold water pipe, high density PE Pipes, PPE, PE and other communication pipes, etc., usually have a cutting length of 4-6 meters and different colors. The coils that need to be coded generally include PE tap water pipes, PE water pipes, PE-X PERT and other floor heating solar special pipes, soft PVC pipes (reinforced pipes), etc., and these coils need to be printed at the time of printing, that is, Meter printing.

 The types of fly laser printers used are different for different pipes:

The threading pipe printer should use a laser printer and a nozzle moving device, so that fly laser printer can simultaneously print 1-4 tubes, which improves the utilization rate of the product. Like the threading pipe, the production line is like a flour mill, and a production line can be used.

PE pipe coding and drainage pipe are slightly different, because usually PE pipe is black, it must be sprayed with white or yellow on the above, which is further improved for laser printer, because white ink printer and yellow ink The printer is prone to failure, so it cannot be improved by ordinary coding. It requires a professional white inkjet printer and a yellow inkjet printer.

Hose and various plastic coil printers mainly need meter counting. If the meter requires accurate encoder, it can be realized by using TINHO laser printer.

The TINHO fly laser printer is the leading brand in the industry both in terms of functional integrity and machine stability. C

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