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Fly Laser printers are used in the pipe industry
Abstract: Many tube manufacturers use the laser marking function to apply to their products.
The high-speed flying laser inkjet printer has been well received by customers in the practical application of the pipe industry. Whether it is the printer model configuration or appearance settings are consistently recognized in the market. The flying laser printer can leave a clear marking on the pipe skin while the pipe is being produced at a high speed. This process is achieved by a very high laser control system for instant marking. Its biggest feature is to achieve high-speed coding without consumables and maintenance-free under the premise of ensuring the performance of all aspects of the pipe.

The laser printer is of great significance to the pipe industry: it means that the date, batch number, brand, serial number, QR code and other marks of the cable product can no longer be changed once it is sprayed, which means a greater anti-counterfeiting effect; It can resist part of the counterfeit and shoddy, and prevent unscrupulous manufacturers from being organic; it means that it can play a certain role in the chaos of the pipe industry, thus improving the quality of pipe products.
Laser printers have gradually started to develop from the food, beverage and other industries to the pipe, wire and cable industries. Conventional pipe markings generally use ink jetting, which is highly polluting and expensive to use, and consumes a large amount of ink. The use of laser coding has undoubtedly saved a large amount of consumables funds, so its late practical value is immeasurable. Almost zero loss, zero maintenance. Moreover, the laser printer is easy to operate, software controllable, factory configuration instructions video and support for vendor training and online after-sales. The machine is connected to the power supply, it has low power consumption, easy to use, and can support multiple foreign languages ​​when marking.
The era of laser jet printers gradually replacing inkjet printers has arrived. This is a trend in the world: in some countries, ink coding has been forcibly disabled, and products that do not use laser inkjet will not. Entering the market, it may be mandatory to promote this requirement in the future. In the near future, laser jet printers will have fewer and fewer counterfeit and shoddy products in the food, pipe and other industries, which will surely create a better business environment, so that everyone can rest assured and use more confidence.

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