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TINHO Packaging Laser Printers – Laser Printed Packaging Solution for the Packaging Industry

The introduction of packaging laser printers has eradicated the traditional methods of print-and-apply-labels for the food, pharmaceutical, and healthcare packaging industries. When it comes to readability and contrast, a brown kraft paper corrugated case is a tough material to print legible product information without using a white label to be scanned by both humans and machines. With the help of packaging laser printers, the entire blank corrugated space can be easily laser-coded with human-readable and machine-scannable information to ensure product authentication and traceability. This specialized laser coding technique produces no harmful fumes, wastes, and consumes less power. Whether used for packaging boxes or cartons having an iron cover, aluminum cover, metal or paper with a printed coating on the surface or plastic materials, a packaging laser printer is a great alternative to traditional white labels and ink-based case coding. The water-based coating on a specific work area enables high-quality laser imaging and high-resolution laser marks of the brand logo, text, bar codes, and more on paperboard or corrugated cases or cartons.  

Located in Shanghai, China, Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. is a globally-recognized firm that specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of packaging laser printers, laser coding machines, laser engraving machines, and other portable laser equipment worldwide at the best price in the market. Our handpicked selection of laser marking, coding and engraving can be easily customized to meet your unique needs. Over a century, we have achieved an excellent track record of 100% customer satisfaction by providing effective marking solutions for a diverse range of industries worldwide. Our products are exported and well-received by our domestic and foreign clients from over 60 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Indonesia, and more.  

Popular Packaging Laser Printer - Fiber Series

Why Choose TH30F Packaging Laser Printer

When it comes to packaging identification and authentication, over 80% of customer applications omit the need for comprehensive and considerable functions. TINHO Intelligent equipment is exclusively designed for these customers to help them with affordable and beautiful models. There are several laser marking machines that have been introduced in the past few years. The fiber-optic laser flying marking machines are being widely used in the packaging industry. The TH30F packaging laser printer is designed to achieve up to 100,000 hours of efficient and continued operation, providing high-resolution, readable, and ultra-fine marking on metal or plastic substrates. Moreover, it is a cost-effective alternative to conventional ink-based printing methods as it does not require additional consumables and maintenance.  

Explore Some of Its Exclusive Features   

1· Ensures higher stability by adopting a famous domestic brand Racus laser.  

2· The head of the laser beam can be rotated by ±90° which enables multi-directional markings and easy adjustability   

3· It comes with an easy-to-learn industrial computer and display touchscreen operations  

4· This packaging laser printer is well-equipped with a standard network port, USB port, serial port, synchronizer interface, and optoelectronics to enable effective data communication and hardware expansion.  

5· Has a dedicated marking software with Chinese and English interface.  

TH30F Performance Index   

1· Laser power: 30W  

2· Standard marking range: 100mm*100mm  

3· Cooling method: air cooling  

4· Minimum line width: 0.05mm  

5· Minimum character height: 0.3mm  

6· Laser focal length: 187mm ± 2mm  

7· Operating environment temperature: 0°C -40°C  

8· Power requirements: AC 220V/50HZ/3A  

9. Power consumption of the whole machine: ≤0.5KW  

Application of TH30F Packaging Laser Printer


Packaging laser printers are mainly used in the marking and coding of products or packaged goods for product identification, authentication, and traceability. TH30F packaging laser printer is specially designed for mainly metal substrates including iron or aluminum cover, metal or paper with a printed coating on the surface of the product or packaged goods, and plastic materials.  

Why Purchase TH30F Packaging Laser Printer


As the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of laser marking solutions, we offer dedicated pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale customer service to our global clientele and other complementary services related to TH30F Packaging Laser Printer.   

What can our clients expect from us?  

1· 24x7 dedicated customer support service from our expert support team for issues related to packaging laser printers and other laser marking equipment.  

2· Prompt assistance and resolutions by our experts over the phone or through remote system technology.  

3· Basic installment, operational and maintenance training with live demonstrations for your employees or staff.  

4. Assured maintenance contracts and product warranties to ensure optimal running of your packaging laser printer.  

5· Preventive maintenance, operational and technical training provided by our specialists either at your location or at our in-house training center.  

6· Complimentary product documentation and videos to help you understand and learn the operational instructions of TINHO TH30F Packaging Laser Printer.  

Whether you need help in installing the machine or resolving any technical issue, just ring us right away or drop an email to get your issues resolved instantly. With our products and remote customer service, we aim at providing the best-fit solutions to our global clients no matter where they are.


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