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There are many types of pipes, all kinds of metal pipes, and various plastic pipes, including PVC, PE, PPR, ABS, etc. The pipe laser printer is an identifier that covers the pipe to quickly identify the media, flow direction and related parameter properties of the pipe. If there is a failure, follow the pipeline color code to quickly and accurately find and eliminate the fault; greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and repair of the pipeline and valves in the daily operation of the enterprise; help the enterprise to meet the national standards and regulations, and pass the supervision and inspection of the safety supervision department; Through the ISO international quality system certification, the company enters the international market; enhances the enterprise to improve the health, safety and environmental management level of the enterprise, attracts investors; and enables the enterprise to combine economic, social and environmental benefits.
      Most pipe manufacturers now use inkjet coding. The ink consumption is large and polluting, and the time is long. The pipe is exposed to wind and rain, the mark is easy to fade, and the ink is discharged after fading, which consumes money and consumes energy, which is not worth the candle. The laser coding has no such shortcomings, and can accurately and clearly identify the pipe.
      The laser-coded tube is suitable for operation under high temperature and high heat production environment. The marking is clear, stable, clean, wear-resistant, and resistant to movement, without defects and pollution. The printed characters meet the marking requirements of micro-tubes and can be sprayed. Print a variety of complex graphics or factory standards and standard certification; can be connected with other electronic devices, such as eddy current flaw detectors, etc., can also be linked to the factory’s automated management system; can be printed on the surface of products or components of different materials.
      There are many products in the pipe industry, and the specifications are different. It is difficult to identify the brand or trademark from the appearance of the product. The clear and stable product specifications and factory name can be quickly printed by the laser machine, which can quickly identify the genuine products, protect the economic interests, and crack down on counterfeit products. . For users, clear and accurate identification is a standard way of identifying brands and a sign of confidence in long-term safe use. For the production enterprises, the use of laser inkjet printer technology can improve the brand image and unified logo management, and establish a good recognition image and product appearance.
      TINHO fly laser printer technology has been widely used in various products in the pipe industry. For example, water supply and drainage pipeline tanks, aluminum manifolds, composite pipes, etc., the identification is accurate, clear and easy to read.

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