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1. The working principle is different.

The small character inkjet printer is a continuous inkjet system. The ink is continuously ejected from a single nozzle by pressure, and the crystal is oscillated and broken to form ink dots. After charging and high-voltage deflection, the ink dots are scanned on the surface of moving objects to form words. The high-resolution inkjet printer is another type of ink-on-demand inkjet printer that is different from the single-nozzle industrial inkjet printer. It is called a high-resolution inkjet printer because its printing resolution exceeds 200DPI.

2. The nozzle is different.

The main difference is that the nozzles are different. The small character inkjet printer ejects an ink line. After the high-frequency crystal oscillation, it breaks into ink droplets with the same size, a certain distance, and the same amount of electricity. After charging, it is deflected by a high-voltage deflection electric field, and then attached to the surface of the product to form fonts and patterns. The nozzle of the high-resolution inkjet printing machine is composed of multiple high-precision valves. After receiving the injection signal, the internal computer controls the valve at the corresponding position to open and close quickly to form the content to be printed.

3. The parameters are different.

Printing speed: The speed of high-resolution inkjet printers is usually 30m/min, while the speed of small-character inkjet printers can reach 200m/min at the fastest; Number of printing lines: High-resolution inkjet printers generally have no limit to the number of lines, as long as the height does not exceed 18mm, while small character inkjet printers usually can only print up to 5 lines; Printing drying time: Due to different machine principles, the drying time of the former is slightly longer than that of the latter, and the drying time of the latter is basically zero.

4. The application fields are different.

The CIJ inkjet printer has a wide range of applications, such as light industry, heavy industry, building materials and agricultural and sideline products. The high-resolution inkjet printer can print laminated cardboard, film, uncoated, coated paper, aluminum foil, plastic card, self-adhesive, PP, PET, PVC, PE, etc.

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