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Laser Marking Machine for Mineral Water Bottles

 Mineral water bottle laser marking machine is used for marking on mineral water bottles. It is commonly used for logo and production date marking, anti-counterfeiting marking, etc. This application has been widely used in various mineral waters and is indispensable for mineral water manufacturers.

     Most of the common mineral water bottles are plastic products. Because the thickness of the water bottle is very thin, the traditional method is to print the logo and the production date and the anti-counterfeit mark on the paper or plastic paper and affix it to the water bottle. With the birth of the mineral water bottle laser marking machine, this traditional method is gradually replaced. The mineral water bottle laser marking machine is used to mark the logo, the production date, and the anti-counterfeiting mark. This greatly improves the anti-counterfeiting effect of the product, and the production speed is also greatly improved. It has been greatly improved. The laser marking machine for mineral water bottles has been fully automated, which can mark hundreds or even thousands of water bottles per minute.

  The use of mineral water bottle laser marking machine to mark the logo, production date marking and anti-counterfeiting mark marking not only greatly improves production efficiency, improves anti-counterfeiting quality, but also makes the mineral water bottle look more beautiful. Generally, it is commonly used to mark mineral water bottles. Laser marking machine and carbon dioxide laser marking machine, users can choose the model according to their actual situation.

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