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Laser Cutting Machine

TH-Q8500 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Welcome to Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd.

Searching for Laser Cutting Machine Supplier & Distributor in China? We are one of the most professional Laser Cutting Machine Supplier & Distributor in China. Our products are competitive in high precision and good performance for Laser Cutting, marking, taging, and many more. Feel free to get quality Laser Cutting Machine with good price here from our factory. We are one of the most renowned and trustworthy high-tech companies in Shanghai, dedicated to bringing you online Laser Marking Machines. We are committed to developing, exporting, and producing high-quality Laser Marking Machines at an affordable price. We have an expansive collection of market-popular Laser Marking Machines like Laser Cutting Machines, Fly Laser Printer Marking Machines, Inkjet Coding Machines, and Laser Welding Machines, etc.

We understand the importance of Laser Technology to boost the various industries in contemporary times and so dedicatedly bring products unmatched in quality and functionality. We have a phenomenal team of laser specialists, software experts, and electronic and mechanical engineers who innovate high-end products using the latest technology.

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Our Laser Cutting Machine is laden with features like high accuracy, smooth incision, fast speed, exact curve fitting, narrow kerf that helps to cut and design acrylic materials, etc. These features are beneficial for many industries and are widely used for: metal cutting, metal engraving, woodwork, fabrics industry, leather industry, etc. for an incredible effect. The Laser applications help to improve the aesthetic and the monetary value of products and are also time-saving. The introduction of these machines provides support to workers and boosts the industries.

Tinho Intelligent brings you advanced laser cutting machines that will perform efficiently and bring significant growth to the business. We are adapted to provide customised solutions for your industry needs and offer high-end responses to your unique requirements. Our reliable development team is committed to delivering the best applications of laser technology in the market, with the experience of exporting to over sixty countries for years.

Our Services

In addition to providing you with the best in market laser marking machines, we are committed to offering several services. Our services include: developing Laser Cutting Machines that are efficient to fit your industry requirement; offering you after-sales installation services with technical support, and a live demo of the usage; we also conduct numerous tests to compile for you a high-quality product; we are committed to offering maintenance and product inspections at regular intervals to extend the shelf life of the product. We understand the need for a training session for the workers for the efficient functioning of the machine and provide on-site and 0ff-site training sessions for industry workers.

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Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. has been in the industry for a long time and is the most trusted and renowned high-tech company. We are equipped with a highly skilled team dedicated to serving you professionally and technically. Our products are the best in the market and are developed to withstand the industry competition.

If you want to acquire the best Laser Marking Machines, then Tinho Intelligent is your one-stop destination for high-quality products. We have pledged to bring you the best quality and technologically advanced laser machines that are developed to cater for your different industry requirements.

Visit our website to find affordable and innovative Laser Cutting Machines. Shop from our wide array of laser marking machines and observe growth and stability in business. Follow us at Facebook.

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