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The laser coding machine can be applied to all walks of life with good coding effect. There is no physical contact with the work piece when the laser coding machine is coding. Can be applied to many materials. Since many customers do not know whether their products are suitable for coding with laser coders, the applicable scope of laser coders will be described in detail one by one. The application of laser coding machine on plastic pipe is introduced first today.

PPR plastic pipes are generally white, red, green, and gray. PPR plastic pipes of the above colors can be coded by laser coders. The advantage of using a laser coding machine to code on the pipe lies in the following aspects:

1.The coding effect of the laser coding machine is a permanent identification. Code the required text or pattern on the product surface. This laser mark has permanent and strong anti-counterfeiting effect;

2.The performance of the laser printer is very stable, it can work continuously for 24 hours, and the service life can reach more than 20,000 working hours. Few supplies are consumed.

3.The laser coder has no pollution to the environment, and it is more environmentally friendly. The laser coder has no radiation, no pollution to the environment, and no particulate matter such as dust;

4.Laser coder is flexible and easy to use. The specially designed operating software used by CYCJET laser coder is powerful, humanized design, easy to use and easy to use. It can cooperate with automated production lines and can receive BMP and PLT graphics. Character files support various drawing software. Mark bar codes, QR codes and serial numbers. You can also add new characters on your own, easy to use.

5.The working speed of the laser coding machine is fast. The laser coding machine adopts online high-speed non-stop laser coding, which has high production efficiency. It can process an average of 30,000 work pieces per hour and can continuously and dynamically code.

6.Laser coder has high scalability and strong data communication capability

   As the most advanced coding equipment currently popular in the world, laser coders are being increasingly used in PPR tubes due to their outstanding advantages in various aspects. Shanghai TINHO Intelligent Equipment is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of laser coding equipment and automation equipment. It has a large number of technical engineers. The laser coding machine and pneumatic coding developed by it The machine has many customers worldwide. Laser coders are welcomed by customers for their convenient operation, advanced technology and wide application range.

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