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With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more attention has been paid to the safety of food and other products. The corresponding requirements of manufacturers of food and beverages on production equipment have become increasingly complex, not only for the stability and intelligence of equipment, safety and environmental protection It is even more important. Laser marking application is a new trend in the food and beverage industry, coding or branding on the surface of food or packaging. For green and healthy products such as fruits and vegetables, related information cannot be printed on the surface, and a method of labeling them with printed matter is usually adopted.

However, the cost of labeling is high, and subsequent use is inconvenient and environmentally friendly. Laser marking can replace the method of labeling, and it can directly mark the food surface without contact and pollution. Some fruits include lemon, apple, cheese products and other important information and the brand is printed on it. You can also use the laser marking method to mark the shelf life and barcode information on the outer packaging of the filled bags and boxed products. QR code information, especially the recent implementation of product traceability for agricultural green products, and QR code marking is even more A must for your product.

Laser marking machines have many advantages in the food industry:

1. Non-toxic, no printing consumables, no pollution, no pollution;

2. Strong anti-counterfeiting;

3. Capable of continuous work;

4, fast speed, high precision, stable performance; fine lines;

5, the processing cost is low, without any odor;

6. It can be conveniently used with automatic equipment.

The food and beverage industry often uses CO2 laser printers, which can meet the marking requirements of packaging forms and materials such as bagged carton packaging and filling.

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