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Because laser marking is different from traditional marking methods, laser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece, vaporize the surface material or change the color of the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent mark. Can achieve anti-counterfeiting effect, can print a variety of text, symbols and patterns, production date, etc., the character size can be on the order of millimeters to micrometers, for the current cosmetics industry to choose a laser marking machine to remember is undoubtedly a good choice .

Cosmetics are especially favored by female friends. With the improvement of living standards of modern people, cosmetics have almost become the standard for female friends, and they are also worried about buying fake cosmetics. In order to improve quality and brand influence, cosmetics companies are paying more and more attention to cosmetics packaging design and product security. In order to obtain better results, many well-known cosmetic companies now use laser technology to mark cosmetic product information.

Because the laser marking machine can form a very small laser beam after focusing, it can focus to form a small light spot, and at the same time, it has high density and uniform distribution, so it can fully meet the needs of fine processing in the cosmetics industry. During the processing of cosmetics, the laser marking machine does not need to contact the surface of the cosmetics, so it will not cause mechanical compression or mechanical stress on the surface of the cosmetics, nor will it cause damage to the surface of the cosmetics. At the same time, other materials need to be added during the labeling process, so it will not cause damage to the environment and products without pollutants, which can make consumers feel relieved.

TINHO flying laser marking machine, laser head rotation, equipped with the company’s own flight marking software, connected to the photoelectric probe, automatically trigger, to achieve automatic flight marking function. Online flying laser marking machine can mark Chinese, English and graphics. It has strong text layout and graphic processing functions, and can automatically generate batch and serial numbers.

At the same time, it has strong anti-counterfeiting characteristics, which not only improves product grade and brand influence, but also is used in conjunction with the assembly line. It has the characteristics of fast marking speed and high efficiency. Due to its unique characteristics, it has gradually become the first choice of marking in the makeup industry.

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