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Generally speaking, medical packaging is divided by packaging materials, mainly including carton, plastic, glass, rubber and metal. Some new composite materials are also constantly entering this field. These materials are very easy for laser printer marking, so the application of laser machines in the pharmaceutical packaging industry is gradually recognized by businesses.


Advantages of laser marking of pharmaceutical packaging products:

The laser machine can mark text, symbols, images, and the character size can also be on the order of millimeters to micrometers, which meets the requirements of different degrees. And the laser marking on the product directly vaporizes the surface of the product, which plays a role of anti-counterfeiting. Laser marking medical packaging replaced the original inkjet printer, which not only greatly reduced the cost of consumables for manufacturers, but also this operation is non-contact, does not pollute the environment, and does not require personnel maintenance. Therefore, laser marking machines have emerged in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, and laser marking has become the mainstream of industry applications.

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TINHO Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai City,China,a famous international city with beautiful scenery & convenient transportation. As a high-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D, manufacture and sales of laser intelligent equipment.
TINHO Intelligent laser marking machine have been exported to more than 60 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Indonesia, etc...The products and services are well received by domestic and foreign customers.
TINHO company has a large number of new talents who are challenged with high-tech ideas and innovative dedication, and always been in the leading position in the research and application of laser technology. At the same time, TINHO have carried out in-depth technical cooperation with well-known enterprises and universities in the industry, making TINHO Intelligent always on the cutting edge. New technologies lead the market trend in the production and application of laser Intelligent equipment. At present, the company's main products include laser marking machine, high-speed fly laser printer, UV laser marking machine,Green laser marking machine,automatic laser marking system, laser intelligent equipment, laser welding machine,laser cutting machine,laser engraving machine for industrial applications. Based on the company's perfect quality control and after-sales service system, TINHO provide customers with the highest quality and most comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale technical support and guarantees, free worry to all customers.
Adhering to the goal of a century-old brand, our company adheres to the enterprise spirit of “honesty wins credibility, diligently creates brilliant”, implements a market-oriented, technology-based business model, and strictly implements the quality policy of “exquisitely crafted and pursuing perfection”.
TINHO will continue to improve and expand the market's business strategy, and forge ahead with the glory of the company, and strive to become one of China's outstanding laser Intelligent equipment manufacturers, and contribute to China's Intelligent manufacturing & strive to move forward !

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