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Principle and application range of small character inkjet printer

Principle and application range of small character inkjet printer

Small character printer principle

Small character inkjet printers, also known as continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. The principle of the small character printer is to use the pressure to divide the ink into droplets of uniform size and uniform spacing. Through the processing and phase tracking of the CPU, some ink points of the charging pole are applied with different charges, so that when crossing the electric field, deflection. This deflection causes the ink droplets to fly out of the nozzle to land on the surface of the moving product, forming a lattice, thereby printing the pattern, and the unused droplets can also be recycled back into the system, so it is also called a continuous inkjet printer.

Inkjet ink droplet formation

Inside the machine chamber, the ink is impacted by the piezoelectric crystal, causing the inkjet to split into droplets. Each drop of ink is tiny, only half the diameter of the human hair, and the number of ink droplets ejected per second is large. Up to 120,000 drops.

After the ink droplets are formed, the charged electrode charges a different charge to the ink droplets required for printing, and the unnecessary ink droplets are recycled back to the system for use. As these charged ink droplets pass through the electrostatic field between the deflection plates, the droplet velocity and the charge together determine the correct positioning of the ink droplets on the substrate, thereby printing accurate text, numbers or patterns.

Linx small character inkjet printer application range

Due to the non-contact printing method, CIJ has many functions. Regardless of the pore size, size, shape or texture of the material, it can be printed on most materials. In addition, the solvent inks of small character printers are instantly dry, making them ideal for printing as the product moves along the production line.

Linx small character printers are primarily used to print variable information on individual products – such as date, time, specific text, batch code, product name and logo. As the regulations of various industries become increasingly strict, the provision of traceability data of products has become an inevitable trend, and small character inkjet printers have played an important role in meeting this demand. 

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