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Pay attention to the hazards of using Laser Marking machine

Pay attention to the hazards of using Laser Marking machine

  1. The laser machine is the latest scientific research achievement in recent years. Through laser, computer mainframe, internal control, external induction lamp, a series of work modulation, strengthening and heat treatment technology on the surface of the product, to achieve the purpose of permanent identification of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting goods. With the rapid development of high technology, laser printers are gradually aligning with the international market.

     The laser printer laser has certain dangers. The laser printer has high laser intensity, which has certain damage to the product and certain damage to human organs. Although the protection of the laser printer itself is also better, the harm of the laser is very small for the human body, but it is necessary to pay attention to protection. The specific performance is in the following aspects:

    (1) The damage of the surface of the product by the laser printer. The laser printer is marked on the surface or inside of the product to form an immutable mark.

    (2) The laser printer laser has certain danger to the eyes. The cornea and conjunctiva of the human eye are most susceptible to light beams and other environmental factors. A wide range of ultraviolet light, as well as infrared light with a wavelength greater than 1400 nm, may damage the cornea. Longer-intensity lasers can cause damage to the tissue surrounding the imaging zone, with more serious consequences for visual function.

    (3) Laser printer laser has certain harm to the skin. The dermis is sometimes damaged to some extent, and the damage is caused by photochemical reactions. The cause of skin damage may be photochemical reactions or thermal effects. In general, the severity of the injury depends on the length of the exposure time. The damage of the carbon dioxide laser to the epidermis is due to heat transfer from the stratum corneum to deeper. The dense irradiance at the tip of the fiber is used to vaporize or peel off the tissue, so it is extremely dangerous for the skin near the focus.

    (4) The risk of additional radiation from the laser printer. The unmagnified electromagnetic radiation generated by the laser jet excitation device escapes from the laser light exit or the gap of the casing. Because there may be free radiation, it may cause injury, especially after long-term exposure to such radiation. Pay more attention to the tightness of the casing and avoid long-term proximity to places where additional radiation may be present.

      As far as some hazards are concerned, the harmfulness of carbon dioxide is supposed to be smaller. Because the damage caused by carbon dioxide can be repaired by itself for a long time. The damage caused by other lasers cannot be repaired. Therefore, when using these products, pay special attention to safety protection! Production is carried out in strict accordance with the operating rules. Another point is that different laser manufacturers have different laser standards. The same is the laser printer, but the high-end laser equipment of the big brand is much higher than the standard equipment laser equipment in this respect. This is one of the reasons why some big companies choose high-end brands!

    TINHO inkjet printer brand laser equipment uses carbon dioxide for laser coding. The laser tube has a long life of 4,5000 hours and can be operated in both static and dynamic modes. Protection level IP54 or IP65 is optional! Minimize the permanent damage of the laser to the staff. Is a safe and reliable laser coding equipment!

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