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Auto Parts Laser Engraving Machine Industry Application

Automotive accessories laser engraving machine industry applications are mainly used to print car horns, automotive films, automotive glass, automotive lubricants. Car wiper supplies. Small products such as automobile brake pads and other auto parts are printed with the logo pattern and product parameters or product serial number or production date at the surface position of the product, which is effectively combined and matched in the industry. The information is printed, and the customer is relatively concerned about the aesthetic clarity of the product and the color choice of laser engraving machine and the cost performance of the device.

At present, the TINHO auto parts laser engraving machine has been widely used in the field of auto parts. TINHO has a complete set of solutions in the auto parts industry. The reason why the TINHO auto parts printer is widely used is because of the TINHO Has the following advantages:

1. TINHO Auto Parts laser engraving machine provides customers with a complete set of printing and marking solutions, which realizes high-speed, beautiful and efficient printing on auto parts.
2. There are a number of customer success case references in the auto parts industry, which will provide reasonable solutions for problems and bottlenecks encountered between enterprises.
3. Guided by customer needs and adopting the factory direct sales system, we minimize the profit margin and help small and medium-sized enterprises solve the problem of product identification.
4. The simple and easy-to-understand operation interface of the TINHO auto parts Laser Engraving Machine allows the customer to quickly grasp the use of the machine and reduce the waste of production faults caused by insufficient cognition and manual operation errors.
5. Laser Engraving Machine uses easily-operated editing software, customers can edit the product logo online according to their own needs, and carry out the product for instant printing, which is also comparable to peers and other machines.
6. The TINHO auto parts Laser Engraving Machine itself has the four-automatic automatic cleaning function in the Laser Engraving system. It realizes one-button switch machine, and the switch machine automatically cleans. When the pipeline is automatically cleaned, the nozzle also completes automatic cleaning. It realizes no trouble and solves the problem that the nozzle of the industry is easy to block.

In the automotive accessories industry, TINHO has always been aiming at customer satisfaction, based on high-quality and efficient products, advanced technology and perfect service. We believe that TINHO will make more contributions to the auto parts industry.

TINHO is the brand of Henan Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. As a manufacturer, TINHO has many years of experience in China and is a wholesaler and retailer of different types of laser printing solutions, portable marking solutions.

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