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Green Laser Marking Machine

TINHO developed latest laser technology in the world, and designed THU series CO2 laser printer is one latest application on plastic based on well marketing experience, designed the printer with well compact & integration to suit for fast & long time printing on plastic pipe, cable & plastic, meet 24hours continuous working. Smart & simple operation to meet different line speed and materials.

Adopt the international first-line brand of photoelectric device to ensure its long life; Using all-aluminum integral sealed design, the maximum reduction due to deformation and other causes of power fluctuations, with high long-term stability.

Model THG4Plus THG6Plus THG8Plus THG8Plus THG10Plus
Wavelength 532nm±1nm
Maximum output power ≥4W@40kHz ≥6W@40kHz ≥8W@40kHz ≥10W@40kHz ≥30W@50kHz
Peak power ≥6kW@40kHz ≥10kW@40kHz ≥13kW@40kHz ≥16kW@40kHz ≥28kW@40kHz
Degree of power instability <3% (6 hours)
Pulse width ≤20ns@40kHz
Repetition frequency 30-500kHz
Beam mode TEM00
Beam quality M2<1.5
Spot diameter 6mm (Built-in beam expander)
Operating temperature 10-35℃
Operating temperature 10-35℃
Cooling mode Air cooling Water cooling
Indication red light 650nm@5mW
Power supply mode 100-240V/50Hz-60HZ

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