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Is the Thermal Inkjet Printer Opportunity Replaced By a Laser Printer?

With the development of technology, the market share of laser printers continues to grow, and even impacts the market position of thermal inkjet printer and other high resolution inkjet printer. At the same time, it also exposed the inadequacies of the Thermal Inkjet Printer. It has been predicted that the emergence of laser printers will replace the Thermal Inkjet Printer, but is this really the case?

Development And Application of Thermal Inkjet Printer in Food Industry

The Inkjet Printers are mainly concentrated in the beverage, beer, mineral water and other industries, but also began to develop in wire and cable, non-staple food, cigarettes, batteries and other industries. In addition to knowing the date of manufacture, the function of coding can also track potential problems and prevent counterfeiting. It can be said that the food industry is the largest market for High Resolution inkjet printers.

At present, the printer can be divided into two categories: Thermal Inkjet Printer and laser printer. The inkjet printer product development is early, the price is cheaper than the laser machine, and still dominates the market. According to the principle, the inkjet printer is divided into continuous inkjet and command jet; according to the font size, it is divided into small font and large font; according to the printing speed, it is divided into super high speed, high speed, standard speed and slow speed; according to the power source, it is divided into external air source ( Compressed air from the outside) and internal air supply (from the built-in gear pump).

In 1993, the United States Videojet launched the 37eTM small-font continuous inkjet printer, which is designed for today's market needs, with simple design and no complicated operation symbols or buttons, which can avoid the problem of production stagnation caused by button errors. It adopts a continuous nozzle technology to avoid nozzle clogging caused by multi-nozzle jet printers. The computer controls the ink system, automatically adds ink and diluent, automatically monitors and adjusts to maintain a certain ink concentration, and maintains Uninterrupted coding and beautiful print quality. In 1994, the company reached an agreement with Lumonics to sell Xymark and LaseMark laser coding systems in North America and South America. In 1997, Videojet successfully launched a new generation of Excel178i and 37PLus enhanced inkjet printers, 37PLus spray. The rugged construction of the machine is made of stainless steel and the most durable parts, including a sealed keyboard, modern hydraulic system and refined stainless steel sprinklers. The 37PLus has a unique feature that is self-made digital or symbol; programmable shift code. This automatically updates the work shift.

Therefore, the product can be tracked more accurately, and the programmable date automatically changes the custom date. In order to meet the special needs of operation, it can also be connected to the computer network through the serial communication port, so all functions can be found by the computer far from the printer. Create messages and download materials, or receive data from other machines.

Upgraded products, laser printers crowded the Thermal Inkjet Printer market. As soon as the laser printer was launched, it became a new bright spot in the market. Since the laser printer prints a permanent mark that cannot be erased, this permanent mark can help identify a specific product. The fake looks very similar to the original, but because it is not laser-coded, it is easily recognized. Therefore, the laser printer has an effective anti-counterfeiting function.

Inkjet Printers May Not Be Replaced By Laser Printers

First of all, we have to admit the limitations of the Thermal Inkjet Printer: the printing content cannot be maintained for a long time, and the demand for consumables is large, and the ink of the printer will cause the nozzle to be blocked to some extent. The appearance of the laser printer has just made up for these shortcomings, but at the same time, the defects of the laser printer have followed. We all know that laser coding is a way to destroy the surface of the object to achieve printing. It has higher requirements on the surface of the object. For example, in the cable industry, the use of laser coding will cause certain safety hazards, and the price of the laser printer itself is relatively expensive, although it does not require the use of consumables, but Sprinkler replacement costs are high.

The development space Thermal Inkjet Printer will not be replaced by laser coding. It can only be said that the competition between the two is strengthened. This situation is actually benign. Competition will promote technological progress and create better for customers. Products, from this perspective, the development of inkjet printers is still promising. It can be seen that inkjet printers and laser printers will jointly develop in the future and jointly promote the advancement of the entire printing market. TINHO is the brand of Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. As a manufacturer, TINHO has many years of experience in China and is a wholesaler and retailer of different types of laser printing solutions, portable marking solutions.

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