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Jewellery Laser Marking Machine

Jewellery Laser Marking Machine

Jewelry Personalization

Jewellery Marking Machine


A Full Range of Jewelry Personalization Solutions From Design to Processing


For more than 10 years, TINHO has provided personalized jewelry laser marking solutions for countless jewelelry for many international brands. Our solutions range from individual ring carvings to letter pendants to high-end jewelry design; from mechanical equipment to laser equipment to design software; our clients range from individual goldsmiths to international luxury brands. We always provide the most suitable laser engraving solutions for different customer requirements.

Jewelry personalized processing

Jewelry requires high-precision engraving and cutting. The TINHO can achieve a repeatability of 0.05mm. Its rugged construction allows it to absorb the vibrations generated during use and produce excellent engraving effects.Its beautiful and quiet is suitable for customers in the store, but also can be placed in the repair center as a daily tool.   

 The laser marking machine has also won a place in the jewelry industry with its fast and fine results. However, traditional laser machines have not been widely used in stores due to safety and land occupation. Now TINHO is the latest laser engraving machine for retail, which is beautiful and convenient, so that anyone can use it anywhere.


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Tinho Intelligent professional for Jewellery laser marking machine , Laser Coding & Automatic Inkjet Coding System, depend on the well-experience, R & D ability, Tinho available to supply all superior intelligent laser marking & Inkjet coding solution to each customer, welcome to inuiry us at any time !. For More Detail Click Here

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