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The invention of ceramics is an important process of human civilization. The production of Chinese ceramics has a long history of more than 11,700 years and is highly practical and artistic. In our current life, there are also many ceramic products. Whether it is the current tableware, handicrafts, vases, electrical appliances, or bathroom supplies, we can all see the figure of ceramic products, and have entered our daily life deeply. a corner. Of course, these are inseparable from the development of ceramic technology. For example, the current ceramic laser marking machine plays an important role in the current ceramic processing.


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As one of the laser equipment, TINHO laser marking machine provides an efficient machining solution for the current ceramic marking process. It adopts full digital laser marking and unique laser selection deep drawing technology. It has high stability, high precision and convenient operation, which enables more novel marking processes to be realized, which provides more for the current ceramic processing. More likely. As a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China, TINHO has developed a ceramic laser marking device that uses internationally leading lasers and high-speed scanning galvanometer systems. The control system can be operated offline or networked to control multiple markings.


 At the same time,the machine has the characteristics of high processing precision, fast speed, stable performance and continuous working for a long time. It can meet the precise processing of some corresponding numbers, characters, patterns and other information of many kinds of ceramics, which makes it have a high artistic and fashionable sense. For some trademarks, batch numbers, dates, or patterns and figures with specific needs, the laser marking equipment can achieve the most delicate marking effect, giving ceramic products different fashion charm. At the same time,the marking effect is durable, wear-resistant, non-fading, clear, and textured, which will not only affect the original quality of ceramic products, but also further enhance the value of ceramic products, so that consumers can be more willing to accept.Customized personalized patterns not only represent a lifestyle and lifestyle, but also enhance brand influence.  


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