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Our Laser Marking Machine Company

Shanghai Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai, a famous historical and cultural city with beautiful scenery & convenient transportation. As a high-tech enterprise dedicated to R& D,  manufacture and sales of laser intelligent equipment. The factory are located in Nanyang City, sales office are located in international metropolis–Shanghai. It has jurisdiction over Shenzhen Office, Xi’an Office, Zhengzhou Office and Vietnam Branch. TINHO products have been exported to more than 60 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Indonesia, etc… The products and services are well received by domestic and foreign customers.


Laser Marking Machine Company - Best Place To Acquire The Quality Marking Laser Machine

Shanghai Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Is one of the most renowned and best seller laser marking machine company . They are located in Shanghai, which is a famous historical and cultural city. They are known as the best laser marking machine company.

They export their products to more than 60 countries and that include Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, and other. With their best quality online laser marking machine, they are serving people for years and the products have always been well received by the domestic and foreign customers.

Shanghai Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Owns a large number of manpower and all of them are experienced people. Their professionals’team is also challenged with high-tech ideas and innovative dedication. This is the main reason, they have always been on the leading position in the industry of research and application of the online laser marking machine.

Currently, their main products include high precision online laser marking machine , automatic laser marking system, laser intelligent equipment. They offer and provide the most comprehensive pre sale, in sale, and after sale technical support.

Even they also guarantees that the Tinho customers will not face any kind of problem with their machines. They are a century old brand and they also implement a market oriented technology based business model.

New trend has always ruled the market but, Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has proven that they are the best in this industry and they will strive to do whatever it takes to be on that place.

They know what to do and how to make their customers happy and satisfied. Because of these reasons, they are leading in this industry. The time, you have got the service with Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., you will get all the service you are in need of without facing any kind of problem anyway.

They offer a 24/7 service for their customers. It means, whenever they want to get connect with their Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Regarding the products, they can and get the best in class service from their professionals.

Shanghai Tinho Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to improve their service and expand the market’s business strategy to become the number one outstanding laser intelligent equipment manufacturers and service provider company around the world.

Our Products

The mainly products are laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, hand-held laser marking machine and other series of coding &  marking equipment.

THU05F UV Fly Laser

THC30F CO2 Fly Laser

THF30F Fiber Fly Laser

THF30 Fiber Portable Laser

THC30Plus CO2 Stationary Laser

THF30Plus Fiber Stationary Laser

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Tinho Intelligent professional for Fly Laser Printing Soluiton, Laser Coding System & Automatic Inkjet Coding System, depend on the well-experience, R & D ability, Tinho available to supply all superior intelligent laser marking & Inkjet coding solution to each customer, welcome to inuiry us at any time !


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