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How many type of High Resolution Inkjet Printer

Abstract: A high-resolution inkjet printer is an industrial inkjet printer. In theory, any inkjet printer that can achieve a coding effect of more than 200 dots per inch of ink droplets can be called a high-resolution inkjet printer. There are two main types of mainstream high-resolution inkjet printers, piezoelectric inkjet printers and thermal foam inkjet printers. These two high-resolution inkjet printers use different coding technologies and have different principles. High-resolution inkjet printers are characterized by high quality, clear, intelligent control, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Let’s talk to Tinho Intelligent to learn about high-resolution inkjet printers.


1. What is a high-resolution inkjet printer Tinho

High-resolution inkjet printers, also known as high-resolution inkjet printers, refer to inkjet printers with a printing resolution exceeding 200DPI. The resolution refers to the number of dots per inch of ink droplets. 200DPI means that the number of dots per inch of ink droplets is 200. One inch is equal to 2.54 cm. High-resolution inkjet printers are mainly used in industrial inkjet printing, which can print on films, rolls, wood, aluminum foil, paper, cartons, plastics, metals and other materials.

2. What types of high-resolution inkjet printers are there?

The types of high-resolution inkjet printers are mainly classified according to the nozzle technology, which can be divided into the following two categories:

1. Piezo inkjet printer (PIJ)

The piezoelectric inkjet printer uses a laser to precisely make a straight aperture of about 35 microns on the nozzle plate. The electrical signal output by the drive board is processed by the CPU to give 128 piezoelectric crystals. The piezoelectric crystal deforms to force the ink to be ejected. Information such as numbers, text, graphics, barcodes, and QR codes. The resolution of the piezoelectric inkjet printer is 200dpi.

2. Thermal foaming inkjet printer (TIJ)

The thermal foam inkjet printer uses hot vapor bubble inkjet technology. The nozzle adopts semiconductor thin film technology. A number of nozzle holes with a diameter of about 50 microns are formed through a laser process and high-precision coating technology. The nozzle nozzle is heated by a tiny heating resistor. The ink is ejected after the bubbles are generated and expanded. The thermal foaming inkjet printer has a relatively high resolution of 600dpi.


Third, the characteristics of high-resolution inkjet printers

1. Provide high-definition printing, high printing quality, printing reliability and speed are higher than ordinary inkjet printers.

2. It can be intelligently controlled by inkjet printing software, and can be matched with the enterprise information management system to realize the PC networked and visualized automatic control and management of the inkjet printer.

3. The use of environmentally friendly non-toxic inks can be used in the fields of medicines and foods, and high-resolution inkjet printers are used to code the surface of medicine packaging without opening or leaking glue.

4. The high-resolution inkjet printer adopts a dedicated centralized ink supply system, which can add ink without stopping the machine and improve the quality and efficiency of inkjet printing.

5. If the printing distance is less than 5mm, there is no need to add thinner. For non-permeable materials, UV ink and UV curing system are required.

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